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 mc2 Legal is what you've been waiting for -
a private courtroom with your own private judge!

   Real Trials.

Under TCP&R Chapter 151, mc2 Legal can now handle civil, probate, and family law cases both in State and County Courts of Law. Our trials are private and can be conducted anywhere - counsel's office or accommodations as arranged by mc2 Legal.

See how easy and convenient it is to conduct a private trial, or hearing, in your own office!

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   Real Judges.

mc2 Legal Special Judges have over a century of trial and appellate judicial experience among them. Our judges meet the requirements to serve as a Special Judge as mandated under Chapter 151. 

For your convenience, mc2 Legal judges serve the following areas: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, The Woodlands, The Rio Grande Valley, Austin, East Texas, The Coastal Region, and South Texas.

   Real Appeal.

Unlike arbitration, a private trial under Chapter 151 does allow for an appeal. No regressive litigation with additional delays and expense - counsel can file a traditional appeal if they are unhappy with the private judge's ruling.

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